Adult Sunday School

In this class we are put together anywhere from teenagers to adults. This is where the rubber meets the road. From a teenager to an adult, is really a part of life that many are seeking on their own. This world has done a number on our teenagers as well as our young adults. This year we are committed to "Giving God a Place" in our lives. Giving Him a place in our Marriage, our Families, our Church, our Time, our Talents, our Treasure, and every part of our lives. Christ said this in Matthew 9:24, and when He asked them to Give Place, everyone laughed him to scorn. I will say that in today's economy, life styles, marriages, children, and everything else that we deal with, when we try to implement God or Christ in them everyone seems to laugh now a days. So, in this class we are learning how to Give God a Place in our lives. Whether it's living by the principles of the Word of God or Living by Faith. I would encourage you to be here during our Sunday School hour.